I work hard at providing the best course to students. Here are some of the comments from students.


  • "Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and fairness! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have done well in your class! I hope to have you as an instructor again. I’ve always heard that you can tell someone’s level of brilliance by their ability to make complex things seem simple. By that standard, you are profoundly brilliant!" S.K. F20.
  • "Speaking for myself and based on others comments, it is much appreciated how organized and clear the format of your course is. It certainly helps organize the concepts and keep the material and assignments straight." R.D. F20.
  • "It is a pleasure to be in your Business Analytics class this fall as a part of my MBA and I am looking forward to this semester. I also wanted to give you a little feedback on your online content. As someone who has built and deployed online learning via a variety of LMS tools, I would like to compliment how you have structured and laid things out. The material is clear, well communicated and easily accessible making it easy for online learning." D.F. F20.
  • "For this spring course, I really appreciate the videos you posted online for me to catch up. I like the class you presented in the classroom, the Excel models you developed with your professional knowledge. Thank you so much. This class is one of the best I've ever had." L.X. S19.