I work hard at providing the best course to students. Here are some comments from students and administrators.

Student Comments

  • "I'm really appreciating the way that you've built this course. I see a lot of effort goes into it and recognize there's so much more that's unseen. I had my first live session in my other Iowa MBA class last night, and while it was a great class, the lacking efficiency made me appreciate your succinct-yet-comprehensive materials even more." B.D., S22, unsolicited.
  • "So far I am really enjoying the course; It is clear a lot of care and effort goes into supporting this class given how well the material is organized and how accessible the professor is (a rarity in my undergrad)." S.L., Mid-F21.
  • "I tried to sign up for this course last semester just one minute after registration opened, and I was already too late; it was full. Now I know why! The course format is great." G.H., Mid-F21.
  • "You came highly recommended, and I still agree with that recommendation. I was speaking with a classmate in MBA120 and told them if you have to take statistics, try to get into Dr. Jerz's class. Overall, I am enjoying the class and the structure you have in place." S.O. Mid-F21.
  • "I wanted to reach out and say how Impressed I am with your excel books that you create for us. I took a Statistics class when I was doing my BS and had to use the back of the book to calculate Z-value. So I understand the time it takes to calculate those out long hand. I can tell that you do love excel as much as I do. I wanted to just say thanks for doing that for us and it has been a tremendous help for me in solidifying the concepts instead of worrying about memorize equations and where to look at in the back of the book. This has been a much more enjoyable learning experience the second time around." B.B., F21.
  • "Dr. Jerz this has been my best course experience at UI hands downs." M.Z., S21.
  • "This has been a challenging course, and one of the most rewarding courses I've taken in my 32 years of professional life." S.V., S21.
  • "This was the best course I have taken throughout my collegiate career." Z.W., S21.
  • "I believe out of all the courses I have taken, this is the most relevant to 'Real world' experiences." L.S., S21.
  • "This was my first MBA course and the bar is high." J.M, S21.
  • "The level of clarity and organization is very impressive." R.D, 2021 IRC review comments.
  • "I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot! I’ll echo what S.V. said and hope to see some of you in future courses. Thanks Dr. Jerz for a fantastic course!" J.M., Ending comment. S21.
  • "Dr. Jerz and Fellow Students, Thank you for a wonderful experience. This material was completely foreign to me, so I had a bit of an uphill climb from the beginning. The course material, and vitally, the comments/tips from you, my fellow students allowed me to successfully navigate my way through this very interesting course." S.V. Ending comment, S21.
  • "I very much enjoyed your teachings and techniques; it has helped so much as I completed Corporate Financial Planning and now in Managerial Finance." T.N. Su20.
  • "This is actually the second Business Analytics class I have taken in the MBA program. I withdrew from my last class with a different professor after 2 classes because I simply didn't understand what he was trying to teach and felt like he assumed we had some sort of statistical background, which I don't! I was such a stressed out mess so I withdrew. I really appreciate Dr. Jerz going through ALL the steps and making sure the class material is detailed and to the point." A.I. S21.
  • "I have heard great things about this course and you as a professor." C.H. S21.
  • "And if I remember correctly I took one of your undergrad coursed through Moodle (Operations and Supply Chain, was it?) I truly enjoyed taking that course, which explains why I wanted to take this course that you're teaching." S.M. S21.
  • "I am only four years post grad from my Bachelors; however, I have never felt so prepared for a class and the expectations as I feel for this course. Thank you for the thorough introduction to the course, resources, and expectations for the semester. With this being my first course in the OMBA, I am extremely grateful. I am looking forward to getting started!" Z.E. S21.
  • "Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and fairness! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have done well in your class! I hope to have you as an instructor again. I’ve always heard that you can tell someone’s level of brilliance by their ability to make complex things seem simple. By that standard, you are profoundly brilliant!" S.K. F20.
  • "Speaking for myself and based on others comments, it is much appreciated how organized and clear the format of your course is. It certainly helps organize the concepts and keep the material and assignments straight." R.D. F20.
  • "It is a pleasure to be in your Business Analytics class this fall as a part of my MBA and I am looking forward to this semester. I also wanted to give you a little feedback on your online content. As someone who has built and deployed online learning via a variety of LMS tools, I would like to compliment how you have structured and laid things out. The material is clear, well communicated and easily accessible making it easy for online learning." D.F. F20.
  • "For this spring course, I really appreciate the videos you posted online for me to catch up. I like the class you presented in the classroom, the Excel models you developed with your professional knowledge. Thank you so much. This class is one of the best I've ever had." L.X. S19.


Administrative Comments

  • "In my professional opinion, your course presents the model for non-traditional online learning; and the course map you created is excellent in its detail and thoroughness. It has been a pleasure reviewing your course and interacting with a professional such as yourself that puts the student learner first and foremost in their teaching. Congratulations on achieving the QM certification for your superb Business Analytics course, I wish that my MBA Business Analytics professor had been as thorough as you are in teaching the importance and utility of business analytics; and as a result had to learn business analytics through trail and tribulations." Calvin Scheidt, QM Review Chair, Su19.
  • "Some schools' online course philosophy is to developed average (canned) courses that the average faculty can deliver. Rick's philosophy is to develop the best online courses that only the best online instructors can deliver." Rick Jerz