I work hard at providing the best course to students. Here are some of the comments from students.


  • "I have definitely learned a lot from this course. This is the hardest course I have taken at UI, and I have dropped twice before your class. You are one of the greatest professor! You made this course really easy to follow and learn. I did not know how to apply many technics in excel. I now can do pivot table really well! I really enjoyed having you as my professor! Again, you made this hard course easy for students, and we learn the hardest course in an easiest way. I greatly appreciate your time!" M.H. Su20.
  • "I have to say that I am highly impressed with your attention to your classes and enthusiasm for what you do. There are not many professors out there that you find this. So Bravo! I hope I enjoy my career choice as you seem to." A.W. Su20.
  • "I really enjoy your teaching way through this semester and I really can learn something new from your course." H.S. Su20.
  • "The way you formatted this class honestly helped me learn excel and not just go through the motions. Thank you for that." J.H., Su20.
  • "I am so glad to learn this course in this summer. I really love the way you teach us and it is easy for me to follow." Y.S. Su20.
  • "Amazing job teaching the course I really enjoyed it!" C.K. Su20.
  • "I genuinely feel like I learned more in this course than any other at Iowa so far." B.T. Su20.