I work hard at providing the best course to students. Here are some of the comments from students.


  • "I have definitely learned a lot from this course. This is the hardest course I have taken at UI, and I have dropped twice before your class. You are one of the greatest professor! You made this course really easy to follow and learn. I did not know how to apply many technics in excel. I now can do pivot table really well! I really enjoyed having you as my professor! Again, you made this hard course easy for students, and we learn the hardest course in an easiest way. I greatly appreciate your time!" M.H. Su20.
  • "I have to say that I am highly impressed with your attention to your classes and enthusiasm for what you do. There are not many professors out there that you find this. So Bravo! I hope I enjoy my career choice as you seem to." A.W. Su20.
  • "I really enjoy your teaching way through this semester and I really can learn something new from your course." H.S. Su20.
  • "The way you formatted this class honestly helped me learn excel and not just go through the motions. Thank you for that." J.H., Su20.
  • "I am so glad to learn this course in this summer. I really love the way you teach us and it is easy for me to follow." Y.S. Su20.
  • "Amazing job teaching the course I really enjoyed it!" C.K. Su20.
  • "I genuinely feel like I learned more in this course than any other at Iowa so far." B.T. Su20.
  • "I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thank you for the lovely semester! I learned more than I thought I could, and I appreciate all the help throughout the semester." I.A. Su20.
  • "I just finished the final exam and wanted to say thank you for a great course! I really enjoyed learning so much during this course and wish it could have been longer. I have never been the best at Excel but learned so much in this short time." D.B. Su19.
  • "I wouldn’t never expected to do as well as I did in this course, especially with my previous experience with information systems. Your approach of step by step assignments made learning both easy and manageable. I appreciate the time and effort you spent on us this summer semester." S.I, Su19.
  • "I wanted to write and let you know that because of all I learned in your class last year I was successfully able to test out of 2 required statistics based classes in my MBA program. I am attending Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. There are two required stats focused classes. One is a half credit title Business Analytics I. It is foundational. That waiver test was basic, with most of it focused on probability of events. The second was Business Analytics II. That waiver test was much more in-depth. It had a significant amount of hypothesis testing, regression analysis and predictions." C.M. F19.