I work hard at providing the best course to students. Here are some comments from students and administrators.

Student Comments

  • "This professor did an amazing job of listening to his students and making necessary adjustments along the way or explaining things or giving outside help. This professor really did an amazing job. I would recommend him to anyone." ACE, Su16.
  • "This is the best online course I have taken. Dr. Jerz found a way to teach students online successfully. He includes fun facts and tips in his lectures which make them more engaging. The projects are usually fun, and the topics are interesting. This class is actually related to every business student's future." ACE, Su18.
  • "Professor Jerz treated his students with respect and care." ACE S17.
  • "Dr. Jerz's class is definitely the most well-organized online class I have ever taken! I felt I really learned the material and overall had a good experience." ACE, S17.
  • "Amazing course. My favorite at Iowa so far." ACE, S18.
  • "Dr. Jerz is an awesome professor, and his videos are very helpful. He responds to questions very quickly and is kind." ACE, S18
  • "Professor Jerz is excellent. He obviously cares about our learning. Also, I would like to request that Professor Jerz's online Operations course be made available in the spring as well as fall." ACE, S18.
  • "One of the greatest professors at U of I. I really enjoyed how the pace of class was set up. The assignments were challenging but very rewarding. I wish I could take more classes from Dr. Jerz." ACE, Su18.
  • "Best professor and most effectively structured course format I've had in my academic career." ACE, Su18.
  • "This is by far the best set up for all the online classes I've taken!" ACE, Su18.
  • "Rick Jerz is the man." ACE, Su18.
  • "Easily the best class I've taken at Iowa. It is a lot of work and Moodle is a learning curve, but expectations are presented clearly and help is absolutely always available. Dr. Jerz's videos are incredibly helpful, and you can tell that he clearly cares about us and what we are learning. I also really appreciate that nothing felt like busy work, every assignment had a purpose and goal that was clearly stated." ACE, S19
  • "Professor Jerz is an excellent instructor! He is very interested in making sure his students do well in class and understand what they are doing. He provides feedback right away and emails back in a timely manner if we have any questions." ACE, S19
  • "Great class, Dr. Rick Jerz knows his stuff and was very encouraging and available to us which was very nice." ACE, S19.
  • "I very much enjoyed your teachings and techniques; it has helped so much as I completed Corporate Financial Planning and now in Managerial Finance." T.N. Su20.
  • "Thank you for your input! I am working on crea9ng a portfolio of the projects we've done in both courses to put on my GoDaddy site. I can't stress enough that I have learned so much in both of your classes." J.P., F18.
  • "I loved professor Jerz." ACE, S19.