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Before Course Begins

Pre-Course Assignment
Course Introduction and Overview

Acquiring MS Access, MS Visio, MS Office, Tableau
Accessing the UIowa Virtual Desktop
Purchase web server
Create your "homepage" on the Internet

June 10

Chapter 1: Introduction to Information Systems

Managing Your Computer Environment
Creating a Blog using WordPress.

June 13

Chapter 2: Organizational Strategy, Competitive Advantage, and Information Systems

Using MS Visio to Diagram Components of a System
Creating Your "Personal" Information Data (your music songs) as an ASCII text file.
Creating Your First HTML Webpage

June 17

Chapter 3: Ethics and Privacy

Access 1 - Case 1, Up the Hill Bakery, Tables and Forms
Exploring Your Website's WordPress Database
Creating "Private" Website Folders
Explore "Privacy" issues involving your website and web server.

June 20

Chapter 4: Information Security

Access 2 - Case 6, Destination Corporate Event Planning, Inc., Queries and Reports
VPN into UIowa "home" Network from Off Campus
Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and SSH software
Explore "Security" issues involving your website and web server.

June 24

Chapter 5: Data and Knowledge Management

Music Database ER Diagramming using MS Visio
Importing your Music Data into MS Access
Exporting MS Access and Adding it to Your Website using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software
Using SSH software

June 27

Chapter 6: Telecommunications and Networking
Feedback for this Online Course

Excel 1 - Create a Weighted Decision Matrix using Excel
Case 10, Up the Hill Bakery, Using the Payroll Analysis Model
Configuring your GoDaddy Email

July 1

Chapter 7: E-Business and E-Commerce

Excel 2 - Using Case 10, Up the Hill Bakery, Using the Payroll Analysis Model
Installing e-Commerce Software (Magento) on your Server
Understanding file access "rights"

July 4

Textbook Reading Break - Study for Exam 1.

Projects: Mid-Term
Excel 3 - Case 11, Celebrations for Charity, Creating a Break-Even Model
Creating a website with Excel Files
Transferring Large Files to others Using Your Website
Transferring Large Files from others to you with FTP

Exam1, chapters 1-7 (Monday, July 8 until Friday, July 12)

July 8

Chapter 8: Wireless, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Commerce

Excel 4 - Case 13, Up the Hill Bakery, Creating a Financial Projections Model & Questions
Email Spam control

July 11

Chapter 9: Social Computing

Excel 5 - Case 16, Up the Hill Bakery, Creating a Building Remodel Proposal Mode
Installing Wiki Software on your Server
Access to Adobe Dreamweaver (Either On or Off-Campus.)

July 15

Chapter 10: Information Systems Within the Organization

Excel 6 - Database Functions (Not from textbook.)
Creating a website (homepage) using Adobe Dreamweaver

July 18

Chapter 11: Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management

Excel 7 - Web Queries, PivotTables, and Slicers in MS Excel (Not from textbook.)
Dreamweaver 2:

July 22

Chapter 12: Business Analytics

Dreamweaver 3
Tableau and Excel - Basics of Data Visualization, Analyzing Excel Data

July 25

Chapter 14: Data Standards, XML (Not from textbook.)

Creating your own "podcast" with XML and your music files

July 29

Chapter 14 Due. Begin studying for exam2.

July 27 to August 1

Exam2, chapters 8-12 (You can take the final exam anytime between Saturday, July 27 and Thursday, August 1)
Course Ends (any remaining work due by Thursday 11:55PM)