I work hard at providing the best course to students. Here are some comments from students and administrators.

Student Comments

  • "Dr. Jerz is very responsive to questions or concerns. He always followed up very quickly." ACE, S17.
  • "Dr. Jerz may be the best professor I have had at Iowa. He takes a real interest in what he is teaching and in his students. This is hard to come by. I would definitely recommend his classes, and I hope to take another in the future!" ACE, S17.
  • "I really like this class. I heard the online class will not be offered next semester, which I think is a shame and a disappointment for all student who haven't gotten the opportunity to take this class, especially since only one other professor is teaching this class. I liked the class, very well organized, Dr. Jerz was extremely great at grading things quickly and answering any questions we had right away. Love the timeliness and his passion for ops was clear." ACE, F17.
  • "I really enjoyed this class. This professor is great and makes sure his students are understanding the material. If we had any questions on any chapter about anything, he would always get back to us in a prompt manner. I could tell he enjoyed teaching this class and I feel like I really did learn a lot. I would definitely recommend this professor to other students! :)" ACE, F17.
  • "Dr Jerz is probably the best instructor I have had in my college career and possibly my entire educational career. He is serious about teaching the material and also about making sure students pick up the concepts." ACE, S18
  • "I really enjoy the setup of this course and how the materials are presented, especially considering it is an online course. It was very easy to understand concepts in this structure, and I would love to take another course taught by Dr. Jerz again." ACE, S18
  • "I took this class previously and it was so over complicated and the discussion didn't assist with the lecture. This teacher really took his time to break down these concepts and give great examples to make sure we understood the material." ACE, S18.
  • "This has been my favorite course at Iowa so far. The course is set up great, the materials were fantastic, Dr. Jerz's integration of Excel is excellent and is gonna be incredible helpful in the future. Keep up the great work." ACE, S18.
  • "Best professor I had this semester." ACE, F18.
  • "Absolutely loved this course. Rick is involved with the students and his videos are great for learning." ACE, F18.
  • "No complaints about this course whatsoever. Learned more in this class probably than any other class I've taken in college and Dr. Jerz does such a great job in challenging us and also giving us plenty of time to work ahead. The materials that he provides us are so helpful in helping us better understand concepts. I loved this class!" ACE. S19.
  • "This class is incredibly flexible and Professor Jerz is always prompt in handling student concerns and questions." ACE, S19.
  • "GOAT" ACE, F19.
  • "I very much enjoyed your teachings and techniques; it has helped so much as I completed Corporate Financial Planning and now in Managerial Finance." T.N. Su20.