Homework Due Date Summary

Key: Q=textbook Questions, PB=textbook Problems, PJ=textbookProjects, H=instructor homework

Due Date Assignment Turn in Method
8/24 HW01-Chapter01: Q5, Q7, Q10, Q18, Q24
Start PJ2, PJ8 (future due date)
8/29 HW02-Chapter01: PB4, PB11, PB14
8/29 HW03-Chapter02: Q1, Q2, Q18, Q23, Q37, PB3, PB23
Start PJ5 (future due date)
Chapter01, PJ2 - Embedded in Robot Project
Chapter01, PJ8 - no longer assigned
9/7 Using a database to classify equpment - Access 1 Dropbox
9/14 Using a database to classify equpment - Access 1 Dropbox
9/19 HW04: Chapter03: Q5, Q7, Q10, Q12, PB2, PB6 ICON

Chapter02, PJ5 - 1st robot project (individual)

9/28 HW05: Chapter 04: Q2, Q13, PB2, PB8 ICON
10/3 HW06: Chapter 05: Q2, Q5, Q11, Q13, Q17 ICON
Exam1 Study Notes
10/5 Exam 1, Wednesday In class
10/10 HW07: Chapter 6: Q12, Q14, Q15 ICON
10/17 HW08: Chapter 6: Q2, Q5, Q7 ICON
10/26 Vision Lab G435
10/24 HW09: Chapter 7: Q3, Q6 . Chapter 8: Q2, Q5 ICON
10/31 HW10: Chapter 7: Q4, Q12, Q14. Chapter 8: Q3, Q11 ICON
11/9 Lab: PLC Programming Dropbox
11/16 PLC Homework #1, #2, #3 (understand Examine Conditions) Dropbox
11/28 HW11: Chapter 10: Q2, Q5, Q7, Q9, Q12, Q20, Q30, PB2 ICON

Strikethrough font designates completed assignments.

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