Industrial and Systems Engineering is a "catchall" company for all of my extra types of teaching, businesses, consulting, and miscellaneous extracurricular activities. If you see something here of interest, please contact me.

Below is an overview for these activities. Click the button on the left for additional information.


I enjoy teaching business and engineering courses. This is my full-time job. I am always interested in working with schools that might need an adjunct for summer sessions or other semesters, as needed.

SGI - Software Generation, Incorporated.

I have been operating this small business with a partner for over 20 years. This is a "race results" business that provides finish line reports and statistics. SGI has also provided "results" services for other sports, such as cross-country, wrestling, track & field, and swimming.


I have provided workshops on a variety of topics including digital audio, video, podcasting, website development, and other computer related topics. These workshops are typically two to twenty hours long.


I have been working with this course management systems (CMS) since 2008. I regularly provide assistance to people on, and others who want to take advantage of this open-ware (free) product.


I can help you get a website up and running at minimal cost.


RCM - The Resource Consumption Model for Process Selection

This is my Ph.D. research topic. It involves a unique methodology for analyzing manufacturing process alternatives considering not only cost, but also "time" and utilization. I am always eager to discuss this methodology with companies.


Activities that don't fit into the above categories.