Supply Chain Management
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Self-study guide

Online Assignment

1) Review the lecture notes for each chapter

2) Review the key ideas and terms.

3) Read Chapters 11 in the textbook.

Lecture Videos

4) View the lecture video for this chapter on Moodle (approximately 24 minutes). 

Remember that videos are podcasted and can be obtained in iTunes. You can also download any video (QuickTime mp4 formats) from Moodle, lower right-side column, and then manually move them to your multimedia player, such as QuickTime.



5) Do the Chapter 11 self-assessment on Moodle.

Problems Homework, and video for the Excel model.

6a) Look over supplement C in the textbook, pages 717-727. We are going to tackle this transportation problem using this Excel Model

6b) Watch my video about the Transportation Model (approximately 9 minutes).

6c) Chapter 11: Transportation Model in Excel. Watch the short video for this Excel model on Moodle. (approximately 11 minutes).  This will help you better understand the project.

Transportation Model PowerPoints

PowerPoints, 3 per page
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This might be a helpful graphic that shows how I filled out "Solver."

Do problems C.1a and C.1b by hand, and then C.1 using our model. (on page 731)
Do problems C.3a and C.3b by hand, and then C.3 using our model. (on page 731)
Do problems C.5 using our model. (on page 731)

Enter your answers into Moodle.

Case Study Video for Human Resources Management (last week)

7) View the case study videos below.

7a) "Cheaper by the Dozen" video clips (8:30 minutes).

In our textbook, the Gilbreths are mentioned.  Frank and Lillian Gilbreth made contributions to scientific management and work design.    I sometimes mention the book "Cheaper by the Dozen" in class, which was about the Gilbreth's 12-child family and written by several of their children.  I have a couple scenes from the movie that I thought you would enjoy.  Someday, you might want to view the entire video.

Case Study Videos for Supply Chain Management

7) View the case study videos below.

7b) Listen to the "Dell Supply Chain" example, audio (no video) from the book, "The World is Flat". I reference this audio in my lecture. (6:40 minutes).

These are all some pretty good videos about Supply Chain Management and Operations Management. I did not know which ones were best, so I am giving all to you. You might find some interesting jobs being described at one of these companies.

7c) (Food) View the "Clif Bars: Supply Chain Management" video (8:49 minutes).

7d) (Automobiles) View the "Ford: Suppliers and Supply Chain Management" video (11:07 minutes).

7e) (Shoes) View the "Deckers: Forecasting and Supply Chain Management" video (10:49 minutes).

7f) (Hotels) View the "Starwood: Supply Chain Strategy" video (12:15 minutes).

7g) (Hospital) View the "Arnold Palmer Hospital: Supply Chain" video. (6:34 minutes).

Remember these videos are also podcast. They are not in the iTunes store, however. You can manually subscribe to these using the following URL:

Discussion Topics (on Moodle)

Make a minimum of two (2) posts to any of the original questions, and two (2) posts (replies) to other students' responses. This is a minimum of just four (4) total posts. You may need to make more than four to accumulate the 8 total points because some topics are worth 2 points, and some worth 1 point. You can always make more. Note, you must make these posts by Friday evening, April 12, 11:55PM if you want to receive credit.

8a) 2pts - Any discussion about the lecture on supply chain management?

8b) 1pt - Any personal experiences about supply chain management that you want to share?

8c) 1pt - Any discussion about current events (articles in local newspapers) about supply chain management?

8d) 2pts - Any thoughts about the "Cheaper by the Dozen" video?

8e) 2pts - Any discussion about the Dell audio, or if you have read the book "The World is Flat", discussions about it?

8f) 2pts - Relative to the supply chain videos, you can discuss any aspects of "supply chain management" or "operations management". These videos really do contain a wealth of information and insight to how several very interesting organizations operate. You can compare these organizations, talk about their technologies, make relationships to other topics, such as forecasting, product/service design, location planning, etc. Which company would you like to work for, and why?

8g) 2pts - Any comments about Excel transportation model project?