Types of Players

Vimeo provides a variety of video players, each with their own set of features. These include: 1) Default Vimeo Player, 2) Review Player, 3) Embed Code Player, 4) Browser Player, and a simple 5) Download Link.

At this point in time, I prefer using the Review player because it presents the "cleanest" web page to students for playing a video.

Feature Requests (updated 5/18/20)

Add "Download" icon to Embedded Player

I don't think that Vimeo has thoroughly thought about what educators need in terms of the "embed player" features. In particular, an instructor might want to make all of their videos public on Vimeo by setting "Who can watch?" to "People with the private link," and still allow downloads by turning on "People can download this video." Right now, with these settings set as I mentioned, even if "share" is clicked, it will not show in the embedded player because "Who can watch?" is set to "People with the private link." The regular player does show a download link for private videos set to allow downloads. I suggest one of two possible solutions: 1) if "People can download" is ON, then the Share button should be allowed to show in the embedded player. or 2) if if "People can download" is ON, then another Action button should be added to the Embed features for "Download" which will then show a download icon on the embeded player, just like the download ICON shows in the regular Vimeo web page when "Who can watch?" is set to Anyone. Right now, I have to give my students two links, one for the embed player and one for the regular player. (The regular player will show "Download" even if a video is private.)

Here is a picture of what I propose:

Vimeo Embed Player-Proposed

Sub-Folders and Organizing Folders

Folders are great. It would be nice to be able to arrange these, or sort them, into a specific order. It would also be nice if we had sub-folders.

Default Thumbnail

There is no setting for "default thumbnail." In my case, I would like my default to always be either 0:00, meaning the very first frame, or 0:01, meaning 1 second into the video. I never like the default that Vimeo seems to randomly pick for me.

Metadata Fields

Currently, there is nowhere for me to keep "notes" about videos. I would like to have two or three fields, perhaps called Notes1, Notes2, and Notes3, that I can use to simply keep notes about my videos. Yes, it would be nice if I could search on these fields to locate specific videos.

A Fully-Qualified URL ending with ".mp4."

There is no way to build podcast feeds, for example, to post on the iTunes store. Maybe of these other "feed" websites want a URL that ends with .mp4. The Vimeo "Browser Player" does have an ".mp4" in it, but it also uses "query codes" which feed websites, like iTunes, does not accept. Perhaps the "download" links should have this fully qualified URL.

More Flexible "Skin," especially for how captions are displayed

There needs to be more flexibility to control the size and position of captions.

Old Thoughts that I now Need to Think About Again

Speed Controls

This is the most frequent student request. For all Vimeo players, there is a need for speed controls. Right now, this only exists for the Embedded Player. It seems to me that certainly the Review Player should have speed control (for the "reviewers.")

"Chapters" for the Review Player

The new "Chapter" feature is great. However, it needs to be extended to our other ways of distributing videos, Video Link and Review Video Link, in addition to "embed." Can't wait!

Review Player Improvements

The review player should not show a gradient when paused. Reviewers may want to take screen shots to illustrate something, and the gradient is distracting.