Comparison of Steaming Video Server, Vimeo, and Panopto

The page provides examples of the various ways that I have distributed my videos, and my experimenting.

Rick's Video Management System


Vimeo offers a number of ways to provide videos on the Internet. Note, the "Install Moodle PC Sandbox" contains English and Spanish captions.

This is how I am distributing my videos to students:

Button to play video titled "Videos, Videos, and Videos" Videos, Videos, Videos (11 minutes.) Button to download transcript SRT file Videos-Videos-Videos. This method plays the video in "review page link." (Install Moodle PC Sandbox)

(A Vimeo link looks like this:

Here are some of the other ways:

This is an example of "Copy Video Link." This is the "default" video player. This takes you to the Vimeo website to play the video. (Install Moodle PC Sandbox)

This is an example of "Copy Download Link." (Install Moodle PC Sandbox)

This is an example of "Play the video - Standard def (mp4, 540x360)," and there are other sizes. (Install Moodle PC Sandbox)

This is an example of "Embed Code" added to a web page, in Dreamweaver.



Install Moodle PC Sandbox

For this video, I have opened up many more of the "social" settings. You will see chapters. The embed code can be copy and used elsewhere. In this example, Vimeo's "Chapters" are also used. The Chapter feature is really nice, but currently exists only in the embed code player.


Advantages: Fairly clean. Can download in various sizes, including "original," and the original file name is what the student sees as the downloaded video. Some good flexibility. Easy replacement of video or SRT files. Videos play, including captions, on most mobile devices without a specialized (Vimeo) player. Picture in Picture is provided, which is real nice. Opening videos (playing videos) is a little faster than using my server. I like that Vimeo also keeps a version history of videos (those that have been replaced.)

Disadvantages: Cannot podcast videos. Speed controls only available for embedded code.

Streaming video Server - No longer available as of 1/2020
this is the beginning of a URL, + folder + video filename.

Note: The university streaming server was turned off in December, 2019. So links to videos that were once on it will not work.

Below is a simulation of how this URL worked (the videos are on my server.)

URL: BA_Introduction.mp4,

URL: BA_Introduction.mp4, (Captioned)

Advantages: Downloads maintain exact size and name. Able to podcast. Video management is easy, including easy replace. Easy to upload and replace videos. URL contains a recognizable video name.

Disadvantages: Just a little quirky at times. I had to log in with the VPN.


Example of video link that uses "Panopto Web Viewer."

This provides speed controls.

Example of "View Podcast" link.

This is very similar to what one sees with my own server or the UIowa Streaming Server.

This is an example of "Embed Code" added to a web page, in Dreamweaver.


Advantages: It is free to UIowa instructors.

Disadvantages: It does not present the video in a clean web page; it always wraps it with Panopto margins. URL is not obvious. Panopto doesn't provide a download of the original. It always appears to transcode videos. Replacing video is not obvious. Downloaded videos do not take on the video file name. On embed code, puts a "Powered by Panopto" watermark on the video. Cannot edit/replace the caption SRT file.

Problem: Captions show, but I don't see where to pick the language.

Rick's Server
this is the beginning of a URL, + folder + video filename.


URL: BA_Introduction.mp4,

URL: BA_Introduction.mp4, (Captioned)

Advantages: Same as UIowa Video Server. Can FTP, which is more convenient. Did not need to log into VPN.

Disadvantages: I am not sure what effect this has on my Moodle server's performance.


UIowa: Cannot download. Cannot replace. Cannot present in a clean web page.

Kaltura used to provide a nice ".mp4" link, but no longer does.

I am not sure where Kaltura is going to fit into UIowa's video platforms. Maybe there is some benefit with Canvas.

Rick's Flash Server - Ended around 2016

I created a custom Flash player to deliver my videos because there were no other good alternatives at the time.

Experimental Flash Player

Old Flash Player

Test new multimedia player


Older Videos Distribution Methods


This example illustrates using a "ram" file to stream RealMedia. You need a Realmedia player to play these. I no longer produce Realmedia videos because I find that Flash and podcasts are more prevalent.

Realmedia Streaming, Realmedia Download


Sharestream (UIowa)

I never used this server because it did not provide the ability to replace videos, which was a necessary feature.



Moodle 2.1 on Jing

This is the same video from above but provided on Jing.