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New Student Seminar
Course Syllabus
Fall 1998, St. Ambrose University

1. Course Information
Days & Time:
Credit:  Prerequisites:
Office Hours:
New Student Seminar
Tuesday & Thursday, Time: 10:50 a.m. - 11:40 p.m. (19 meetings)
St. Ambrose University, MC007
1 hours
Rick Jerz, Phone 333-6183
424 AM
T & Th, 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm, Others by appointment.
Mary Beth Ryan, 333-5529, mryan@sau.edu

Course Objectives
By attending class and participating, you will be well informed about what it takes to be a successful student in college and will feel comfortable in this new environment. Some of the knowledge and skills that you will acquire include:

Manage time effectively and still have time for friends.
Know where campus resources are and how to use them.
Understand the educational philosophy of a liberal arts college.
Use effective study and reading techniques.
Identify and use effective listening and note-taking strategies.
Know yourself as a learner, and understand how your learning style and your
     attitudes toward learning and studying affect your performance as a student.
Stay healthy and deal with stress.
Be aware of your values and interest and how these are related to your
     choice of a major and career.
Form personal relationships so that you can have a good social life
     without sacrificing educational goals.


Becoming a Master Student, Ellis, 7th Edition, Houghton Mifflin, Copyright 1994.


Supplemental Readings and Resources
Calendar Planner, required.
An email account and knowledge of how to use it.
Additional readings may be provided by the instructor.


Basis of Grade

Attendance 70 %
Projects 30 %

A:90-100, B:80-89, C:70-79, D:60-69, F:0-59
You may provide a self-addressed envelop to the instructor before finals week if you want your grade mailed to you.
Attendance: It is expected that students will attend class and participate in discussions and activities.

3 Projects (10 points each):
1. Career Development: Must complete the CD project.
2. Library Project: On-time completion of the library workbook.  Delayed completion of this project will cost you half the possible points.
3. Galvin Fine Arts Project: Attending an event in the Fine Arts Series.


1. August 25 Introduction to New Student Seminar
Introduction and Chapter 1
Project: Galvin Fine Arts
2. August 27 Test taking and memory strategies workshop - Lew Sanborn
Chapter 4 and Chapter 7
Index Card Assignment: Questions about reading.
3. September 1 Open discussion
4. September 3 Academic reading strategies - Carol Lyon
Chapter 5 and Chapter 6
5. September 8 Time Management - Ed Finn
Chapter 3
6. September 10 Personal Safety: Don Challis, Director of Safety
7. September 15 Open Discussion
8. September 17 Wellness - Nancy Hines ("Nurse Nancy")
Chapter 11
9. September 22 International Studies Opportunities - Allen Hubbell
10. September 24 Open Discussion
11. September 29 Career Planning - Mary Taylor
Project: Faculty Interview
12. October 1 Career Planning - continued.
13. October 6 Stress and Stress Management - Veronica Reipe
14. October 8 Spring Registration Session
15. October 13 Scavenger Hunt - Eileen Eitrheim & Star
16. October 15 Values Workshop - Merideth Beno
Chapter 2 and Chapter 10
17. October 20 Library Orientation - Marylaine Block
Chapter 13
18. October 22 Library Orientation - continued.
19. October 27 Off-site meeting. Semester wrap up. Attendance required!

Other ideas:
Computer workshop
Women's studies
President's day

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