A business is not a business without a website. Some folks think that getting started with a website is difficult and expensive, but this is not the case. The best way to begin your presence on the Internet is with a low-cost hosted server, typically less that $50 per year. There are many companies where you can buy a hosted server, some large and some small.

As your website grows in usage, and with your own needs, you can purchase more powerful solutions, such as a "virtual private server", or even a "virtual dedicated server". The advantage of buying these products from companies is that you do not need to worry about hiring people to manage physical computers, you immediately are connected on the Internet, and the companies do a very good job keeping your server alive and running.

Three companies that I use are GoDaddy.com (a big company), Bluehost.com (a company trying to cater to education), and TMDHosting.com (a smaller company). My "production" website is a GoDaddy VPS. I have developed some faith that GoDaddy knows how to manage their VPSs, and I have had excellent uptime for over four years. I do like GoDaddy's newer (2014) hosted servers, which now provide cPanel. In the past, I began liking TMDHosting for hosted because I have found that they know what they are doing, have good support, and very attractive rates for their services. accounts. If you decide to use TMDHosting, you can get 5% discount on your first order of either a "web hosting" or "reseller hosting" package by using my discount coupon code "Jerz". I am working more with Bluehost.com, and might be able to update you with what I learn in the near future.


There are many ways to create your website. This will depend upon each individual's needs. I like working with very capable products like Adobe Dreamweaver, however, there are many other products.


If you find that you prefer having someone do all of this for you, you can find people and companies that you can pay for your website. For example, I have created some websites, such as AbsoluteBalanceChiropractic.com.