1). A video showing how Rick installs Moodle on a GoDaddy hosted server.

2). A video showing how Rick prepares for Moodle "migration" on a GoDaddy hosted server. A good share of this video shows how to upgrade your new Moodle as you prepare it for the migration.

3) A video showing how I actually upgrade my production Moodle (a recommended step for migration.)

A video showing how I migrate a copy of my production Moodle to my new Moodle.

A video showing how Rick changes php.ini settings for Moodle on a GoDaddy hosted server.

Rick's Moodle videos for students.

Here are some resources that Rick uses for his own Moodle.

Theme settings

Daily Backup Script

SSH script files for upgrades (a zip file)

php Settings for GoDaddy Hosted Server

my.cnf MySQL configuration file

Example of my "Welcome Email" for student enrollment.

Some other useful websites and information about Moodle.

Packt Publishing has many books to learn about Moodle.

Online Teaching Information

Article: Asynchronous-Synchronous E-Learning

Various Place to Visit

moodle.org - the main place for users of Moodle.
https://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=5 - Moodle user forums.  This is where I hang out the most. 
moodlecloud.com - a free Moodle installation, with some limitations, that can be used to learn Moodle.
qa.moodle.net - A place to experiment with Moodle features. (I seldom use it because I have my own local sandbox.)
https://school.demo.moodle.net - A demo site for Moodle.
https://moodle.org/demo/ - Some other demos (Including Mount Orange School)
http://jamiep.org/login/index.php - An interesting site that has a demo of Moodle’s powerful quiz engine.
https://tracker.moodle.org - A place to post bugs and feature requests.  The technical/developmental side of Moodle.
https://docs.moodle.org/34/en/Main_page - Main Moodle documentation
https://moodleassociation.org/index.php - Moodle’s Users Association (I am a $100AUD member).
moodle.com - The “commercial” side of Moodle.  (I never visit this site.)

Future Work

Some video future plans....