These are examples of my lecture videos. The first one is an example of how I present my background to students. It is titled "Who Is Dr. Jerz." The next two are from my Business Analytics course and illustrate how I lecture about a topic, and the show students how to apply what they learned using Microsoft Excel. The last two videos are from my Operations Management course, also illustrating a lecture about a topic, and then following it with applying what was learned using Microsoft Excel.

As you watch these videos, you might notice that the "content-per-time" is very high. I carefully produce these videos to squeeze the most information into the shortest amount of time. This approach benefits the students. When I cover these topics live in the classroom, they usually take around one and a half hours to present. Videos, of course, offer students the ability to review material quickly for better understanding.

All videos use the player that exists on the student's devices, either a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Videos will always "auto-size."

Students get to my videos in a variety of ways. Here is a link to one web page that describes how to access my videos.

Who is Dr. Jerz

This video provides students with some information about myself. I believe that it is always good to know something about the professor's background so that one better understands his perspective about a topic.

Play video "Who is Dr. Jerz""Who is Dr. Jerz"(approximately 12 minutes.)

Business Analytics: Describing Data Graphically

This is my video lecture on methods of displaying data graphically.

Play video "Ch02 Lecture: Describing Data Graphically?"Ch02 Lecture: Describing Data GraphicallyPlay video "Ch02 Lecture: Describing Data Graphically?" (approximately 23 minutes)

Business Analytics: Excel - Creating Graphs

In this lecture video, I show students how to use Microsoft Excel to produce the graphs covered in the (above) lecture about "Describing Data Graphically."

Play video "Ch02 Excel: Creating Graphs"Ch02 Excel: Creating GraphsPlay video "Ch02 Excel: Creating Graphs"

Operations Management: Productivity

This lecture video provides some background information about the theme "productivity."

Play video 'Ch01: Productivity'Ch01: Productivity Play video 'Ch01: Productivity' (Approximately 20 minutes)

Operations Management: Excel - Productivity Calculator

This lecture video shows students some of the basics of using Microsoft Excel with the goal of producing a "productivity calculator." This video reinforces lecture concepts.

Play video 'Ch01: Excel Productivity Calculator'Ch01: Excel Productivity CalculatorPlay video 'Ch01: Excel Productivity Calculator' (approximately 24 minutes.)

Using my Moodle Course Management System

This video shows students how to use Moodle for my courses.

Play video "Overview of Moodle""Overview of Moodle"(approximately 25 minutes.)

Ad-hoc Video Example

This video is an example of how I answer student's questions using real-time video production, as opposed to my carefully edited videos.

2019 Update

I have updated some of my video production methods. This video illustrates my current quality standard.

Play video "WK04 Excel Tables"Excel-Tables_and_PivotTablePlay video "WK04 Excel Tables"