These are courses that I have taught at The University of Iowa.

Operations Management (MSCI3000): Strategic, tactical, operational issues that arise in management of production and service operations; product and process design, facilities planning, quality management, materials management, operations planning and scheduling, emerging technologies in production and service management.

Information Systems (MSCI3005): Application of computing principles to solving business problems; information technology in modern organizations; focus on sound data analysis to support decision making; tools used for problem solving (spreadsheets, databases, web applications); role of information systems in organizations; components of information technology; Internet and network economy; basic data analysis and visualization; decision‑making logic represented as algorithms; perform what‑if analysis with data; emerging technologies.

Business Analytics (MBA8150): Introduction to analytical techniques for making business decisions; utilizing Excel to apply descriptive and predictive analytical tools to solve practical business problems using real world data; dealing with uncertainty in decision making; formal probability concepts and statistical methods for describing variability (decision trees, random variables, hypothesis testing); application of techniques (linear regression, Monte Carlo simulation, linear optimization) to model, explain, and predict for operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

Design for Manufacture (DFM): This course provides students with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate an understanding of product design, engineering graphics, and manufacturing processes fundamentals.

Robotics: Operation and control of robot systems; robotic sensors and data acquisition subsystems; machine vision; software for robot control; design of robotic workcells; laboratory projects.

These last two syllabi are courses that I have taught several years ago, their syllabi may appear a little strange because of the web editor that I had used to create them.

Miscellaneous: Just what the name implies.